This wiki is no longer Canon and will now be defunct. Some things here can no longer be considered Canon.

Welcome to the SN'S wiki!Edit

Hi there! This is a wiki created by Absoid38/HeroPrinceCappa to clear up some things about Swift N' Speedy. I hope you have some of the questions answered!

So.. Basically..Edit

Swift N' Speedy is a mega-mashup series where a LOT of different Videogames (Sonic, Megaman, etc.) and Anime (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, Touhou, etc.) take place in the same universe. Along with that, It has some new Original characters to put into the mix!

Originally, it started out as a sprite animation series on Scratch, but it's migrated over to Vector animation with it's sequel, Swift N' Speedy: Breakdown!

The series was created by Absoid38/HeroPrinceCappa, also known as ABSOLutelyScratching on Scratch.

Latest activityEdit

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Didya Know? Amy was supposed to make an appearance in the Original Swift N' Speedy! But now she's gonna make her debut in Breakdown, with a new alias; Amelia "DJ-PikoPiko" Rose!

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