• Absoid38

    Alright, everyone!

    December 5, 2018 by Absoid38

    Everything's going well, and the wiki has a lot of stuff in it already.

    Now what we need to do is add a background, more characters, etc.

    I'll start working on Sirius Stardakk when I can. That's my next target.

    Submit any art you wanna use for a background, and I may consider.


    -Abso, the creator of the series.

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  • TryyalAzureboarder

    We need to start working on the pages! We don't have alot on here, so we REALLY need to move-it move-it.

    Mavs, or whatever the little soldier robots are called.

    The Sonic characters. Shadow, Knuckles, etc.

    Pictures. Just upload a pic or 2, it's helpful.

    Edits. Most of the pages here are incomplete, so any edit is helpful. (Correct edits, mind you.)

    The OCs. Where the heck is the section on the guardians?

    Locations. Green Hill Zone, Luci's ship, etc.

    Items. Rings. Of. Despair. Done.

    Let us getteth yon butts in gear!

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  • Turdwig


    November 9, 2018 by Turdwig


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